I am constantly seeing posts of decreasing results in B2B digital marketing, and most are focused on refining the online campaign but not the website. Forty-two percent of B2B decision-makers leave a website because they find it confusing or it does not provide the information they need or require.
Your website should be responsive , have a layout that is easy to follow (not busy) and it should sell me. Tell me why I should buy from your company vs. competitor, how your product/service solves my problem better, why other businesses chose to buy from you…and when you do all this, it should be credible (provide case studies, Whitepapers, samples of results, or even video-monials).

There are many websites failing to meet the needs and requirements of today’s B2B decision-makers. One must focus on both the carrot and the mule to get to one’s destination.

The importance of a well optimized website cannot be stressed enough. Further to this though, I’d say B2B is as much about converting leads into sales as it is getting potential leads to your site. Having practices in place to quantify the needs of a lead and direct them to the correct place in your sales funnel is absolutely critical.